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Super Rupit

  • 104.3mi
  • 9,238ft
  • 6:08:35
    Moving Time
  • 6,506


  1. Pedrenyal :.

    The path between Bojons and Rupit it's one of the best ride in Catalonia!! Have you ever done the climb to Collfred?

  2. Ted King

    Nope. But exploring is the best part of long days like today. Do you have the Strava link to that segment?

  3. Pedrenyal :.

    Ok, Collfred it's one of the hardest climbs in Catalonia (the other one is Pradell by Fumanyà).
    The typical loop with Collfred:
    Bellmunt (very nice views):
    and Bracons:
    Strava link:
    Without the typical loop:

    Another suggestions:
    On the top of the cliff in your picture exist a road! not in a very good condition (possible puncture) but you can ride it!
    Strava link:
    Also in this link you have:
    Coll de Condreu to Nostra Senyora del Far: Very nice views!
    Falgars Climb:
    You'll encounter a 500 meters without asphalt in the beginning and a chain, after the chain you'll find the hard Climb!! and in the top you must do more or less a 500 meters without asphalt.

    Another interesting climb:
    Serra de Xenacs between Monday and Friday you will find a chain so: No cars!
    Strava link:

    If you want to ride by the border of the Pantà de Sau, the path it's all up and down:
    Strava link:

    Enjoy! Health and Pedals!

  4. Pedrenyal :.

    I made a mistake, the altimetry for Bracons on this loop is:

  5. Ted King

    Nice! Is that loop on Strava entirely paved roads?

  6. Pedrenyal :.

    Collfred loop it's entirely paved but you will find some 'pas candencs' I don't know how to translate so I put a picture:
    The cows can't pass it!! and in the hardest parts of the climb the asphalt it's cement.
    More picture of the loop.

  7. Pedrenyal :.

    Another pictures link:

  8. Jered Gruber

    Ah! We spent a total of two days in Girona for a shoot this fall. Can't wait to get back and spend some time riding in the area. Looks incredible. What's the story - are you a Girona-man now, or will you head back to Italy later?

  9. Tom Boveree

    It looks like you have great weather but 5c isn't that warm, but still it's dry! What's your next race?

  10. Spider M.

    Wow amazing, 6 hours of climbing. 100 miles in only 6 hours. You guys are insane. Who needs a car.

  11. Jim Halpin - Mariner Cycling

    Nice trophy room!

  12. Reid Beloni - CTS Coach

    I wish Pendrenyal could plan my rides through Girona too!

  13. Pedrenyal :.

    Ok, Red Beloni, you can start with two climbs; 'Rocacorba' and 'El Mont', notice that I descent 'El Mont' for the path that most people climb:

    You can continue with one of the most beautiful roads near the coast, the road between Lloret de Mar and Sant Feliu de Guíxols:
    in this road you find this ascent:

    Also you can take the train and start in Figueres and climb Sant Pere de Rodes (excelents views but the interesting climb it's the one that you will descent), Torre de Madeloc (excelent views and an infernal last part +20%) and Coll de Banyuls (a very hard 2 km).
    Strava link:
    Be carefull in this link between Colera and Portbou the track go by the tunel you must take the old road!

    But if you want a real challenge here you've the Everest Challenge! Climb the height of the Everest in one day! To succeed this challenge we start in another catalan city: Berga in one of the best climbing zones in Catalonia!
    Here the map:
    Road book page one:
    Road book page two:

    Health and Pedals!

  14. Ted King

    OUTSTANDING email Pedrenyal :D. Thank you.

    That is, until you got to the Everest Challenge. That's just dumb! The rest of it, is great.

    Thank you and be well,