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Morning Run

  • 32.0km
  • 3:09:48
    Moving Time
  • 5:56/km
    Avg Pace
  • 2,543


  1. Barney H.

    Beautiful view to finish a great run. Well done Pete.

  2. Pete J 🌳 A1001388

    Wonderful way to finish a long run. Brunch with the family now ☺

  3. Elisa M.

    Another great long run with a stunning finishing line! Enjoy your brunch with the family.:-)

  4. Rohan D.

    Enjoy the feeding and recovery! Lovely running

  5. Pete J 🌳 A1001388

    Thanks folks. Happily Kirsty has agreed to drive me home. Not sure I could have run it ;-)

  6. Iwona T.

    Nice place to finish. Great run Pete

  7. Derek A.

    Nice work Pete!

  8. Narelle L.

    Fantastic run Pete..now we can relax a little before the big one.

  9. Gary Z.

    Another great one Pete, you are looking good for the 18th

  10. Lynda A.

    Well done Pete

  11. Pete J 🌳 A1001388

    Thank you all!