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Morning Run

  • 32.0km
  • 3:09:48
    Moving Time
  • 5:56/km
    Avg Pace
  • 2,543


  1. Barney H.

    Beautiful view to finish a great run. Well done Pete.

  2. Pete Johns

    Wonderful way to finish a long run. Brunch with the family now ☺

  3. Elisa M.

    Another great long run with a stunning finishing line! Enjoy your brunch with the family.:-)

  4. Rohan D.

    Enjoy the feeding and recovery! Lovely running

  5. Pete Johns

    Thanks folks. Happily Kirsty has agreed to drive me home. Not sure I could have run it ;-)

  6. Iwona T.

    Nice place to finish. Great run Pete

  7. Derek A.

    Nice work Pete!

  8. Narelle L.

    Fantastic run Pete..now we can relax a little before the big one.

  9. Gary Z.

    Another great one Pete, you are looking good for the 18th

  10. Lynda A.

    Well done Pete

  11. Pete Johns

    Thank you all!