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Way too Cool Training Loop + K2 + Pain

  • 42.5km
  • 1,580m
  • 4:30:54
    Moving Time
  • 6:22/km
    Avg Pace
  • 4,137


  1. James Stewart

    Tony.. doh.. Goat Hill fail...not sure what happened my calculating of time was way off! Only 10 secs quicker than last time and 1 sec slower than your best! Unfortunately my bonking just b4 the hill was too much to overcome. Added respect for this hill now.

  2. Tyler W.

    Nice run, James! Next time I have to rehab from an injury, you're the guy I'm coming to!

  3. James Stewart

    Thanks Tyler, I learnt a lot from that last injury - can't believe I was barely walking a few weeks ago. On my lay off I studied more on anatomy, some chiropractic techniques (I have an activator tool) and self-massage. After each activity now I spend at least 30 minutes massaging out any knots and tightness in my legs and hips. Any tough spots I hit with the activator. I have spent a lot of money trying to get over countless injuries, before I realised that my issues keep coming back unless I stay on top of them. So rather than go broke getting someone to do it for me, I decided the only way was to do it myself. My last injury was tendonitis and its interesting how quickly you can get over it by rather than treating the area of pain, that you look for the trigger points in surrounding areas. my ankle/foot problems were all tibial tendon and calf related. Once I treated those other areas, all problems cleared up in a week. Amazing!

  4. James Stewart

    After today I had two huge knots form in my quads and one in my calf. Massaged them out now, so they won't turn into a bigger problem! :)

  5. Tony Giglini

    Wow, James, the goat cacualty:) That's just tough to do at mile 15 no matter what! I had knots in my quads too:) Lots of calf icing tonight. Lots of running out there today. Well done mate. Looking forward to more. Just think, you basically ran a run harder than WTC today, if you think about the K2 you added at the end!

  6. Tony Giglini

    also, awesome job at getting a full marathon in on those trails.. Not easy, you will be ready for those French Alps in no time..er at least closer.

  7. James Stewart

    K2 and run are applied very loosely in a sentence today...but yeah it was hardwork and yeah add me to the hall of fame in the Goat Hill casualty ward! Thanks for taking me out there, this was perfect prep for WTC...and my body held up solidly despite the aches. ....you did great as well mate. get your nutrition/water right and you'll sub 5hr easily at WTC.

  8. Billy Goat 🐐

    Yeah James, Kudos on adding the K2 *AFTER* that 23 mile loop! I bet that last mile sucked though running back up to the car :)