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  • 126.6mi
  • 9,005ft
  • 7:06:49
    Moving Time
  • 7,820


  1. Pete L.

    Large indeed. Your route map looks like a T-Rex.

  2. Jim Anderson

    That is a good one! I would suggest a quick stop in Cadaques or an overnight there. Untouched Catalunya beach village well worth it!

  3. Mike Fulton

    Looks like a duck or goose route.

  4. John Blasquez Ariège Vélo

    looks life a Sufferfest

  5. Elle Anderson

    Your instagram is, um, awesomely terrifying.

  6. Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen

    tell 'em large marge sent you!

  7. Mike D.

    Didn't I see that dude on the top of Stelvio last year? I bet he can kick Didi Senft's ass.

  8. Josue C.

    Nice RIDE!!

  9. Pedrenyal :.

    Nice ride! Something happen in Rocacorba? Like Jim Anderson I suggest a quick stop in Cadaqués/Port Lligat and Cap de Creus:

  10. Strava A.

    So, I guess no ride out to Scratch in awhile!!! Cheers.

  11. Christopher V.

    Large...and in charge!

  12. Paul G.


  13. Ted King

    What all is out there at Cap de Creus? A coffee shop or nothing but breathtaking views?

  14. Pedrenyal :.

    Both! You can find a coffee shop that's actually lighthouse and a breathtaking views in the Cap de Creus Nature Park. Beware of 'La Tramuntana' the North Wind and his gusts that can throw you to the ground.

  15. Strava A.

    So good! You deserve some treats!!!9

  16. Keith W.

    Wicked laahge! And lots of perty hardware to boot. Sweet ride.

  17. Aaron Miller

    whoa! Blossom.