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Feeling the cold.

  • 34.1mi
  • 1,455ft
  • 1:53:05
    Moving Time
  • 1,437


  1. Eduardo RosBa

    do you recommend the fuji sst for climbing or do you think the amira works better for undulating terrain?

  2. Pat M.

    Tried to ride today over here in Westminster. Did not get far and gave into the urge to have a rest day.

  3. Jessica K.

    I hate coming back to winter in CO after a vacation in a warm climate. But I do love my native state! Welcome home :)
    Btw are you doing the Iron Horse race in May?

  4. Craig Lewis

    Jessica - probably won't be around to do the Iron Horse this year. May seems to be full of other races.

  5. Craig Lewis

    Eduardo - I'm loving the SST for everything. It's heavier than the Altamira, but it's more responsive on the climbs.

  6. Jessica K.

    I totally understand. I have 3 races in May too. A 10K run up Black Canyon and a Half marathon plus the Iron Horse. We'll miss you in Durango! :)

  7. Gregg Lehman

    I am sponsored by a local Fuji dealer and just switched from the Altamira to the SST. I agree with Craig 100%. It is a rocket.

  8. Eduardo RosBa

    yeah thanks Craig, I'm not crazy about the bike weight and I really like the geometry of the sst... I hope to get one soon with my local dealer... basically for me upgrading from alloy to a carbon frame... would have to feel like a rocket Gregg!