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Steve Neugebauer

Wilmington, Delaware
  • 52
    Activities in 2019
  • 482.4
    miles Run in 2019
  • 340

Blues Cruise 50k...A lesson in humility, and what happens when you run like as asshat for the first 10 miles

Run October 4, 2015
  • 30.8mi
  • 3,996ft
  • 4:25:54
    Moving Time
  • 8:44/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 4,487
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  1. Christina X.
    Christina X.

    You did great! Congrats on your first 50K!!

  2. Sean Scott
    Sean Scott

    Nice (nevermind the asshat part) ! ♕

  3. Shaun Baker
    Shaun Baker

    Congrats!!! Top 20 finish is impressive!!

  4. Steve Neugebauer
    Steve Neugebauer

    Thanks guys! Tough day out there for sure, learned a lot...but I will be back for more!

  5. Dan McConnell
    Dan McConnell

    Good work today.

  6. Caroline C.
    Caroline C.

    Nice job!!

  7. Christopher Scarpitti
    Christopher Scarpitti

    Steve, nice work today. Congrats a great performance. You're asking for more already, so I am assuming the ultra bug bit? Hope you enjoyed your experience out there today.

  8. Steve Neugebauer
    Steve Neugebauer

    Thanks Dan, CC and Chris! And yes, Chris today was fun...once I can stand up straight and walk normally I will be scouring the Internet for the next challenge.

  9. Susan Friedrich
    Susan Friedrich

    You are amazing!!!!!!! So proud of you!!

  10. Steve Prestyly
    Steve Prestyly

    Can I do that at the age 52, or would my body fall apart....lol


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