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Stick a fork in me

  • 81.4mi
  • 5,048ft
  • 5:02:17
    Moving Time
  • 2,624
  • 157
    Suffer Score


  1. Ken J.
    Ken Johnson

    OK. Well done, or just done? Maybe "over-done".

  2. Amanda M.
    Amanda M.

    Just cooked :)

  3. Ken J.
    Ken Johnson

    Your ride was very similar to mine today. However you put in 6 more miles and 800 vertical more than me. However - I am old (an excuse I can use going forward). Obviously you are taking advantage of some beneficial weather. Keep it up - I will be tracking your excellent progress. DOUBLE thumbs up!

  4. John E.
    John Eppen


  5. Amanda M.
    Amanda M.

    I'm just happy to be training, and riding for 5 hours. It's been a rough year (2013) so far for me. Things will come around, slowly but surely :)

  6. Eddie T.
    Eddie Taxell Lamptey

    They certainly will. Congrats to you!

  7. Ali M.
    Ali M.

    Is there Winter? how can you bike on 1700m in the Winter, Amanda?
    is it not snowy?

  8. Amanda M.
    Amanda M.

    There is winter. It snows occasionally, but usually not much and it melts fast. They call the foothills region a "rain shadow." Everything dumps on the mountains, then passes over us and onto the plains. I'll take it. Even though we desperately need moisture!

  9. Ali M.
    Ali M.

    okay that is cool

  10. Ali M.
    Ali M.

    Colorado must be very Beautiful