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Lovely day of bike riding

  • 92.5mi
  • 7,224ft
  • 4:55:40
    Moving Time
  • 5,260


  1. Roger U.

    Ted qin calendari faràs el 2013? M'agradaria veure't!!.

  2. Roger U.

    Which route do on Sundays? See if we Come in VIC

  3. John H.

    Had a lovely day of emails, meetings and some actual work...a bit envious :). Keep it up!

  4. jayne duvall

    what's the next big race for you? i suppose i could look it up....want to hear it from the horse's mouth. :-)

  5. Barry L Bonds

    Hey bud how is it going.

  6. Pedrenyal :.

    For Roger and Jayne Duvall:

  7. jayne duvall

    Thanks pedrenyal...my dog roger says thanks too!

  8. Ted King

    L3O, I'm good amigo. Back in Spain through the spring Classics. Home sweet home for the Tour of California. Going to be an awesome 2013!

  9. Roger U.

    Ted CATALONIA IS NOT SPAIN !!!!!!!!!!

  10. Michael S.

    Nice ride Ted!! Beautiful Spain :)