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Back At It - Starting To Train w. Music For 1st Time - Hard Effort - Fun Day

  • 11.1mi
  • 1,788ft
  • 1:38:27
    Moving Time
  • 8:51/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,830


  1. Kent Keeler

    Curious - why the shift to music for training now?

  2. Gary Robbins

    I could never find a set up that worked, that didn't get in the way. I recently purchased a set of Bluetooth headphones and am loving them! I usually
    prefer the sounds of nature of course, but I've always felt that music has its place in training.

  3. Gary Robbins

    Predominantly on runs where motivation is lacking, and during tempo or high effort runs where the focus is on pushing hard vs taking it all in and kind of escaping into the environment

  4. Jonathan Wornell

    Which Bluetooth headphones did you get? Love to get a pair that work well!

  5. Gary Robbins

    Jaybird 3 I think they're called. I did a bunch of online research & they were continually reviewed as the best option. Only had them a month and loving them

  6. Kent Keeler

    That's good to know. I use an ear bud (cut one off) but hate the wire, especially in winter. I like podcasts on the long runs and occasional music when I need the distraction.

  7. Jonathan Wornell

    Thanks Gary! Looks like they are the top rated earbud for running on http://wireless-earbuds-review.toptenreviews.com/

  8. Gary Robbins

    You bet guys! Kent, I agree, I have a similar set up for road riding but while running the lack of wires flopping around is quite nice.