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Coffeeneuring 1: Ceremony

  • 64.8mi
  • 2,797ft
  • 3:50:48
    Moving Time
  • 2,679


  1. Dustin Dunsmore

    That's one of my favorite rides

  2. Dustin Dunsmore

    I still want to do a Filter>spro>ceremony>vigilante ride. November?

  3. Phill Melton

    That would be Awesome. I don't think I'd sleep for a month, but wouldn't want to, either.

  4. Rudi Riet

    I'd be game for that ride, gents.

  5. Francis T.

    Whaaat they got Amsterdam in Annapolis. Always wanted to visit Ceremony and Velo Orange. This ride looks great!

  6. Phill Melton

    I get to the Amsterdam toppings bar and start loading up. "You're a pro at this, aren't you?" "Yeah, I work in Adams-Morgan. I know the drill." Couple behind me, OTOH, had never heard of falafel.

  7. Dustin Dunsmore

    Phill, Rudi... How about Dec 6?

  8. Phill Melton

    Dustin—going over this for #coffeeneuring write-ups. If I could plan out that far, I'd be up for it. Depends on how opening up Ivy City goes...

  9. Dustin Dunsmore

    Phill that date doesn't work anymore... I'll keep looking