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Lakeside final prep run - forecast 26C and windy for the race!

  • 3.9mi
  • 32:00
    Moving Time
  • 8:09/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 547


  1. Tanya Lewis Z.
    Tanya Lewis Z.

    Good luck can't believe it's here for u now xxxxx

  2. Tim Milstead

    So jealous. Claire and I went there last year and it's a stunning city. Good luck with the race! If you get time (and like pancakes) go to a place called wildberry pancakes to replace much needed calories!

  3. Natalie F.
    Natalie F.

    Good luck. Have fun :-)

  4. James Cook

    Good luck simon!

  5. Iain Elliott

    Good luck! Don't forget to enjoy it.

  6. Sam W.
    Sam W.

    Best of luck Simon

  7. Simon Denson

    Thanks for the messages all - can't upload my data at the moment (trying to use free Irish pub wifi...$15 in the hotel so no way!) Finished in 3:42:05, bit slower than hoped for but was very hot and quite windy so delighted overall. Agreed Tim - really lovely city :)

  8. Iain Elliott

    Well done Simon! Great time! Hope you're enjoying a bit of tourism now. Going downstairs has not been pleasant for me today!