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Lakeside final prep run - forecast 26C and windy for the race!

  • 3.9mi
  • 32:00
    Moving Time
  • 8:09/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 547


  1. Tanya Lewis Z.

    Good luck can't believe it's here for u now xxxxx

  2. Tim Milstead

    So jealous. Claire and I went there last year and it's a stunning city. Good luck with the race! If you get time (and like pancakes) go to a place called wildberry pancakes to replace much needed calories!

  3. Natalie F.

    Good luck. Have fun :-)

  4. James Cook

    Good luck simon!

  5. Iain Elliott

    Good luck! Don't forget to enjoy it.

  6. Sam W.

    Best of luck Simon

  7. Simon Denson

    Thanks for the messages all - can't upload my data at the moment (trying to use free Irish pub wifi...$15 in the hotel so no way!) Finished in 3:42:05, bit slower than hoped for but was very hot and quite windy so delighted overall. Agreed Tim - really lovely city :)

  8. Iain Elliott

    Well done Simon! Great time! Hope you're enjoying a bit of tourism now. Going downstairs has not been pleasant for me today!