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Hounslow Classic 68km, 3rd place

  • 65.2km
  • 3,571m
  • 8:33:17
    Moving Time
  • 8:17/km
    Avg Pace
  • 7,075


  1. J P.
    J P

    Yeah, Tom!!

  2. J P.
    J P

    Far out, the tech must be off the charts! Some long, flat kilometers in there

  3. Jasen H.
    jasen higuchi

    Nice work mate. Some good running!!

  4. Tim H.
    Tim Hoar

    Brilliant work Tommy!

  5. Mark L.
    Mark Lee

    Congrats Tom.

  6. Liam S.
    Liam Stewart

    Well done Tom.

  7. Dave G.
    Dave G.

    Nice one Tom

  8. James S.
    James Stewart


  9. Ian G.
    Ian Gallagher

    Great running with you mate whilst I could!

  10. Damien S.
    Damien Stewart

    Congrats on another great result!

  11. Caine W.
    Caine W.

    great work Tom.

  12. David L.
    David Longo

    Great work mate!!

  13. Bender C.
    Bender C.

    rock on, your prediction for winner was correct and you smashed it too!

  14. Rob W.
    rob w

    Nice work Tom!

  15. Aaron K.
    Aaron Knight

    Another top result ! Pleasure to see your Buller, Buffalo and Hounslow races this year !