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Brushing up on the MTB skills

  • 20.2mi
  • 2,650ft
  • 2:05:58
    Moving Time
  • 1,150
  • 77
    Relative Effort


  1. Jeremy T.

    38 trophy things!? Da fuq!?

  2. Tristan Uhl

    Preriding? No fair!

  3. Payson McElveen

    Haha uhhh, racing? No fair!

  4. Tristan Uhl

    Haha You can't preride for a Saturday race, your just supposed to go balls to the wall and hope you don't fall off a cliff.

  5. Payson McElveen

    Haha, oh yeah, unwritten rules... Figured I could have an exception this once since my MTB still has EE mud on it, and I don't wanna end my season in Feb.

  6. Blah Blah

    Agreed. Pre-riding is cheating

  7. Tristan Uhl

    Oh ya and I'm blaming you for bringing this cold weather

  8. Payson McElveen

    Yeah what the heck? I came here for some 85º.

  9. Ken Reed

    Hey Payson, please let me (aka Bethany's dad) and Eric Melcer (aka Erico Tincetti on Strava) when u r racing in Central Texas, would love to watch n cheer you on!

  10. Payson McElveen

    Hey Ken! Good to hear from ya. Will do! I'll be back down there for the Mellow Johnny's ProXCT (first National series race) March 2nd. I'll race the TMBRA state cup race the following day as well. That would be an awesome weekend to come spectate, as all the best pros from North American will be there.

  11. Ken Reed

    Thanks Payson, I will look up those races and get them on my calendar!

  12. Eric Melcer

    Payson, think "Mr. Eric" on the Waldorf playground.......