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17 Feb 2013

  • 60.5mi
  • 1,762ft
  • 3:16:27
    Moving Time
  • 2,054


  1. Phil C.
    Phil C.

    Good ride Jezza

  2. Bill J.
    Bill Joss

    Good to see you posting rides; we thought you'd gone underground.....

  3. Jerry C.
    Jerry Clark

    Fist tine used it so will do so from now on! Very proud of Nige he rose well today and knows how to dig in :-)

  4. Jerry C.
    Jerry Clark

    Cheers Phil first longish ride of the year so need done miles in the legs before Denia

  5. David B.
    David B.

    See your kiddo is faster than you!

  6. Jerry C.
    Jerry Clark

    Lol - if you saw the athletic prowess of our Dad you would understand the deep genetic advantage we have... he must have more of it!

  7. David B.
    David B.

    Well Jerry it's not on. Sort him out!

  8. Nigel C.
    Nigel C.

    unfortunately Dave, my faster time is down to me not turning may Garmin on at the start...although clearly i am the superior athlete