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St. Hilari Lollipop

  • 81.5mi
  • 5,369ft
  • 4:34:19
    Moving Time
  • 4,830
  • 205
    Relative Effort


  1. Nikolai Gilroy

    Are you no longer based in Lucca? All your rides are out of Girona now... I'm in Florence for the semester all the way from Mahhblehead, we did an exeter ride together and was hoping to replicate that in Italy!

  2. Ted King

    Hey Nikolai, enjoy Florence for sure! Amazing city and some spectacular riding. Yup, I'm now back in Spain. I recommend a weekend escursion to Chianti. I'll be there sometime this spring. Amazing place!

  3. Pedrenyal :.

    If you are asking who is the guy that say; Bye Ted! on your descent near St. Hilari. That was me!
    Kudos for you! i also met the hitec girls with the olds Specialized-Lululemon cycling jersey and they don't say: Hi! No kudos for them!

  4. Ted King

    Great to "meer" you @Pedrenyal. Hope you heard me say hello , since we were going a collective 60kph in the opposite direction! I need to ask, are you Catalan? How is it that your English is so good?!

  5. Pedrenyal :.

    I saw you raise your arm, unfortunately I didn't hear you. I'm Catalan and it's kind of sad that you asking me that question because you know that if I told you in the school you know that that it's a lie. Therefore here it's the true: Regularly I see movies an TV Shows in English (in the beginning with the English subs) and when I want to write something or speak I use small sentences and even I ask for help (Mostly Mr. Google).
    Actually help to improve my English some of my holidays. English it's the 'lingua franca' in the world.

    Health and Pedals.

  6. Santi Mestre Fos

    It's kinda funny how you Ted (an American) are riding your bike in Catalunya and me (a Catalan) I'm riding mine in America. hahaha Kudos for you man! You don't know how I miss to ride in my country. Catalunya probably is in the top 5 of the list of best places to ride a bike. I miss the Montseny and the Turó de l'Home. I hope you're enjoying your life in Catalunya! :D

  7. Egor Astakhov

    Almond butter!!! Sweet :)

  8. Ted King

    @Santi, where in America are you riding?

  9. Santi Mestre Fos

    Roswell, Georgia. North of Atlanta

  10. Ted King

    Well, not the best in America (in my opinion), but the former Tour of Georgia route has some amazing riding all the same. I think you can be very happy there.

  11. Ted King

    If you get to Asheville, NC there is some amazing riding all throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains!

  12. Borislav S.

    Ted, if you give an address I will gladly ship you some Justin's maple almond butter.

  13. Brian L.

    There's always the Hincapie Fondo route for challenging and fun rides in the Southeast USA, Ted.