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AFC PTap 100 race course

  • 33.0mi
  • 5,450ft
  • 4:56:37
    Moving Time
  • 3,323
  • 176
    Suffer Score


  1. Ed Dixon

    I hate the freeze thaw cycle, motorcycles, horses, flood damaged trails and most of all walking next to my MTB.

  2. Ed Dixon

    over 5,300 feet of climbing in one lap. 100 miler will be approx. 16,000.

  3. Ken L.
    Ken L.

    SM100 was "only" 14,000

  4. Patrick Blair

    oh man! this will be crazyyy hard

  5. Patrick Blair

    this is so awesome!

  6. Dan A.
    Dan A.

    wow. I think I'll just volunteer instead

  7. Paul T.
    Paul T.

    This is going to be the toughest MTB 100, it's going to be awesome!

  8. Lance B.
    Lance B.

    lol. epic.

  9. Chris Beck

    bring lights

  10. Adam D.
    Adam D.

    Awesome!!! Going to be amazingly hard!

  11. Tony "The Rhino"

    What's the cutoff time going to be like?

  12. Ed Dixon

    approx. 9 hours is the cut off to start 3rd lap.

  13. Jay Lazar

    Ed, what was the upriver crossing like?

  14. Ed Dixon

    Jay, It is too deep to cross in the winter, I may even have to do some temp bridging during the race. I turned my GSP off at the crossing, went over stand-by-me bridge, worked my way up to the powerline and dropped back down to the crossing and started my GSP. It was such a short distance that the GPS connected the two points.

  15. Rodger Carter

    I was out checking out some of the course today. Will be long long day in the saddle for many. I see sunrise on 7/7 is at 5:48am that day with dawn 5:16am. With almost 16k of climbing, a 6am start my be wise. With 16k feet of climbing staring them in the face, they will not be sleeping much the night before anyway :-)

  16. Brian Patton

    Looks like Fun!

  17. Patrick Blair

    Here ya go Brian: https://www.bikereg.com/Net/18308 :) Reg for the 100miler!! We are also going to be adding a 3person 100mi relay option but u are a 100mi solo kinda guy

  18. Brian Patton

    Ha! I worked it into the schedule. :) Reminds be of the 12 hour Quantico Race. Endless steep / punchy climbs.

  19. Rodger Carter

    The 3 person relay seems like a brilliant idea.....especially with MTB XC Nats so close this year in PA in August.....you will get more registrants this way too. I was going to to the 33mile solo as nats prep and to support local races but was going feel like a sandbagger doing it.

  20. Patrick Blair

    Patapsco 100 Category options:
    100mile solo!!! (3 laps solo)
    100mile 3 person relay (1 lap per racer)
    66mile 2 person duo (both riding at the same time)
    33mile cross country (1 lap solo)

    Check out these and more updates at registration: https://www.bikereg.com/Net/18308

  21. Patrick Blair

    also follow PTap100 on facebook for more updates: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Patapsco-100/494749527250497

  22. Ken L.
    Ken L.

    AFC/OLV/MORE course pre-ride June 22 details here: http://www.more-mtb.org/forum/showthread.php?t=25857