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MTB Challenge, 1st (Expert 30-39), 4th overall

  • 33.0mi
  • 2,623ft
  • 2:07:42
    Moving Time
  • 1,962
  • 222
    Suffer Score


  1. J- MO

    69 TROPHIES!

  2. ♥ X

    15.5 mph avg on dirt? Holy crap.

  3. Steve F.

    beast mode

  4. Giles G.

    You rock!

  5. Andrio Abero

    Thanks everyone. The race was a lot of fun. Well organized. The course was fun. Lots of flowing single-track and a few rock gardens. Not too much climbing. Not my ideal course, but I did ok. Josh/Jeremy you guys would do well here considering how well you guys carve corners.

  6. J- MO

    That course and the cccx courses are about the same. I hope to do one soon if the dates can coordinate with my schedule. Awesome job again!

  7. \M/ .

    Ripping... congrats!

  8. Ryan Chandler

    Damn Dude! Nice work!! I just raced the CCCX the other day and it looks about the same type of conditions, maybe a bit more climbing. You should get down and do the next one in march, I think you will crush it! Looks like our threshold heartrates are about the same. 174 average for both of us haha. Nice work once again!!