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02/18/2013 Arlington, VA - Mtb - Some VO2 intervals

  • 35.0mi
  • 1,398ft
  • 2:21:52
    Moving Time
  • 1,700


  1. Nathan C.

    Hey there! I appreciate seeing how you train - that's pretty neat as a relative beginner. A question, if you have the time - on rides like this and others (I think I've seen you ride out to Wakefield), you're riding your Scott Scale; are you running the Continentals? It seems like a lot of miles on pavement, and that you might run through tires pretty quickly. Thanks and good riding!

  2. Jeff Dickey

    Nate - on tires, I just switched back to my Conti X-King on the front and Race King on the back. I try not to roll too much pavement on them as it eats the knobs too quickly (e.g., riding on the W&OD, I'll ride the gravel on the side of the trail or use the C&O to get out to trails in Montgomery County). The X-King on the rear wheel is great on trail, but suffers from even more wear on pavement than the Race King.

  3. Jeff Dickey

    During the Fall/Winter I usually use some heavy duty tires that I don't care much about for race season - like a 2.4 Mountain King (or other similar big tires). They handle the leaf fall a lot better and going back to lighter, faster rolling tires seems even better when I switch out the heavy tires in the late winter/early spring.

  4. Nathan C.

    Thanks for responding! If I see you at any races, I'll be cheering for you!