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Frozen Noodle. Hidden Drag.

  • 147.3mi
  • 11,702ft
  • 11:28:14
    Moving Time
  • 4,640


  1. David Houston

    There are no words to express how awesome this effort must have been! Feeling VERY WIMPY about bailing on the commute home because I was tired and it was cold.
    Great Job Janeen! Also next time don't forget to 'kiss' the banana slug, they say it brings good luck.

  2. Stephen Bergman


  3. Eric Nevalainen

    Awesome.....just fracking awesome.....

  4. Kris R.
    Kris R.

    I hurt just thinking about this.

  5. Wai F.
    Wai F.


  6. Sean M.
    Sean M.

    Suddenly, the look on your face in the sun mirror makes sense. That's a mighty, hard ride.

  7. Ben Delaney

    Holy crap, Janeen. Nice one. And solo? Damn. (Sean, did you mean to put that comma there?)

  8. Derek Scott

    Janeen McCrayCray

  9. Janeen McCrae

    @ben Yeah, all by my lonesome. Have trouble finding people to do stuff like that with. I'm sure Rita woulda been down with it, but you know, she's off being a star somewhere else.

  10. Janeen McCrae

    @David - Kiss the banana slug? Not likely. Usually when someone says 'it brings good luck' that's code for 'I'm gonna make you do something dumb' :)

  11. David Houston

    Check out more about the California State Mollusk(Banana Slug) and school mascot down your way at UCSC: http://www.nationalparkstraveler.com/2010/03/creature-feature-banana-slug-living-proof-slimy-little-gastropod-mollusk-can-be-loaded-charisma5558 The slime was used by Native Miwok Indians as a numbing agent for a sore tooth. Just think about it next time you're out..... and again, what an awesome ride.

  12. Mark Anenberg

    Holy crap, I just reread the stats on this ride. Seriously amazing and inspiring.

  13. Jon Labok

    so impressed!