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19/02/13 Portishead, North Somerset, United Kingdom

  • 19.9mi
  • 2:45:13
    Moving Time
  • 8:16/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 2,925


  1. Trevor W.

    Excellent 20 miles Gia! You should easily get a sub 3:30 marathon time even if you have to slow up in the last 6 miles.

  2. Simon Walkden

    Bloomin' heck Gia, that's another incredible early morning run!

  3. Giacomo Squintani

    Current target remains 3h45', Trevor. Keeping an open mind, though - will review early April. Target on next long run is to even out the pace: happy with the average, just want to try and be more consistent.
    Thanks Simon - this was even earlier as I had to be back by 7:45 (it was half-term last week)! I now know what time the streetlights come on - 5:25!

  4. Ma T.


  5. Mike Wells

    Totally awesome Gia! Loving how your runs in the build up for Manchester this year remind me of mine last year - except you're about a month ahead of where I was - I didn't go anywhere near this far until middle of March. Congrats Matt has it right: #Machine indeed :)

  6. Giacomo Squintani

    typically / last time / first time round, whatever - what was your longest pre-Marathon run, guys?

  7. Andy W.

    Wow amazing stuff.

  8. Simon Walkden

    23 miles was my longest pre marathon run (Manchester 2012). Before London 2009 it was 20 and before Chester 2012 it was 15 (due to injury)

  9. Mike Wells

    Before Manchester I did 2 runs of 22 miles (final one 2 weeks out), one 20, one 18. I didn't do specific marathon training pre-Chester as I'd been preparing for HighPeak40 (which was 3 weeks before). The first 22 mile run pre-Manchester was very tough (went too fast) but the 2nd one (which I took more steadily) gave me a lot of confidence as I still felt strong at the end.

  10. Richard Lloyd

    I did 22 ahead of the Berlin Marathon, which was a few more than both of my others which were around the 18 mark and it definitely showed.

  11. Giacomo Squintani

    thanks Guys! 22 sounds doable. Maybe on a morning when I don't have to be home by 7:45..!

  12. Richard Lloyd

    Giaco, traditionally (though knowing you as I do you're not necessarily one to do 'traditional') the long runs are the preserve of that which falls between one working week and the next working week - i.e. the 'weekend'!

  13. Simon Walkden

    I like that last comment a lot, Richard!