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Spinning out 40 hours of travel

  • 34.6mi
  • 643ft
  • 1:48:49
    Moving Time
  • 983


  1. Syaful M.

    Welcome back to Malaysia

  2. Craig Lewis

    Syaful - great to be back. Thank you.

  3. Strava A.

    Pretty flat ride there Craig, any ambitions for the overall?

  4. Craig Lewis

    Michael - we have a strong team here. Several of us should be high up in the overall. I might see what opportunities there are for a stage win instead.

  5. Strava A.

    Do you guys get better details of the stage profiles? I have looked everywhere and can't find a decent one anywhere for Langkawi stages. What stage suits you the most do you reckon?

  6. Danny '.

    Welcome back Craig!!

    Michael - try http://www.ltdl.com.my/ they have lots of details on stages

  7. Nicolas P.

    To watch Langkawi live from stage 1: http://www.rtm.gov.my/tv1/ local time 13.00 to 14.00 hrs.

  8. Nicolas P.

    Stage 1 - Thrusday 21 - 13.00 hrs Local Langkawi Time = US CST Wednesday 20 - 23.00 hrs --- TV schedule here: http://www.ltdl.com.my/tv_program.asp

  9. Nicolas P.

    Hopefully im right! good luck!!!!

  10. Simon W.

    40 hours sounds sucks, but yeah travel from the central of US to southern Asian needs to take that while. good luck in the upcoming race, i hear that couple of my Chinese friends are already there.