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CX - Round 2: Necarne, Lakeland CC

  • 16.6km
  • 127m
  • 49:39
    Moving Time
  • 525
  • 74
    Suffer Score


  1. Paul G.
    Paul G.

    Well any points today?

  2. Barrack O.
    Barrack O.

    There'll be no points this year! Chippin away. You fancy it next Sunday?

  3. Tony M.
    Tony M.

    Great job bob

  4. Barrack O.
    Barrack O.

    Average job T - 9.09 ave :)

  5. Tony M.
    Tony M.

    Mr. Consistency

  6. Paul G.
    Paul G.

    What was course like today?
    Am torn...if weather holds mullafad is a strong pull. Starts pissing it down and will be heading to windmill woods.

  7. Barrack O.
    Barrack O.

    Forgot about Mullaghfad! Can I come too…

  8. Paul G.
    Paul G.

    No U dont want to give up Home advantage. What times your race? would have liked to been there to give you a push up duck pond hill!

  9. Barrack O.
    Barrack O.

    Mullaghfad's a great run - even better this time of year. There'll be lots of time to get in the muck, cold and rain between now and January.

  10. Paul G.
    Paul G.

    ^ agree with that.