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Toronto Waterfront Marathon: 2:33:23...everything is AWESOME!

Run October 18, 2015
  • 43.4km
  • 2:33:26
    Moving Time
  • 3:32/km
    Avg Pace
  • 2,832
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  1. Aaron Cooper

    You had the best pacing of the day. Great job!

  2. Rob Brouillette 🇨🇦🏃🏻

    I can say enough of how amazing this is. This is just the beginning you got more to come soon for sure. Aaron, she must have had a good buddy to pace with or something ;)

  3. Mitch Free

    Rediculous even pacing today. You even ran faster than your M pace workouts, amazing race!

  4. Chris C.

    ur a true ELITE !! well done !!

  5. Thomas Briot

    Great job Leslie. Hard work pays off. Time for recovery now.

  6. Jessica Mann

    Fabulous. My hero!

  7. Karla V.

    Fantastic run. Congratulations!

  8. Mike Cooke

    amazing race Leslie, way to go!

  9. Christin Sadler

    So awesome, congrats!!

  10. G Sanford

    So Leslie, olympic trials?

  11. Meggan F.

    I was watching your splits on my phone! Congrats on the much deserved PB!

  12. Mark Koopman

    Great race. Loved following along with your training and then seeing it all come together on race day, Congrats.

  13. Paige K.

    Amazing job! You're a new role model and inspiration of mine after seeing you come through the finish shoot.

  14. David Freake

    Huge Congrats Leslie! I wish I had gotten a chance to see you and say congrats. You did amazing and there's much more to come. Keep killing it! :)

  15. Strava A.

    Leslie that was super! Thanks for inspiring us to push ourselves and showing us anything is possible if you run A LOT ;) and all the stuff that goes along with that of course LOL Cheers to you!!!!

  16. Eric J.

    Congrats! That's a wicked time.

  17. Connor Frisch

    You've earned it Leslie! That's a smashing finish btw ;)

  18. Emrys Halbertsma Ⓥ

    Wow, what an incredibly well-paced and fast run. Thanks for the daily inspiration, respect to you :-)

  19. May Shek

    congrats- does it mean you are in for the olympic trials?

  20. Aaron Cooper

    Silly Americans. Canada does not have a trials race since there would be only a handful of runners. The three fastest that achieve the Athletics Canada standard go to Rio. 2:29:50, I believe.

  21. G Sanford

    Sorry Aaron. I actually am a canadian citizen, just not of the calibre runner to seriously wonder about these things.

  22. Strava A.

    Don't worry G the silly isn't contagious ;) my parents live in Roanoake VA and best friend in Lafeyette LA and their still ok. Mostly ;)

  23. Aaron Cooper

    Sorry G. The 'silly' part was uncalled for.

  24. G Sanford

    No prob guys. Sub 2:30? That's pretty serious business there.

  25. G Sanford

    And the 10000?