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Some reco. It is cold here.

  • 83.0km
  • 789m
  • 2:44:31
    Moving Time


  1. Giancarlo B.


  2. Aron Groot

    It indeed is cold out here, good luck on belgium's classics, Taylor.

  3. Brendon O

    Colorado is cold too :(

  4. Bryan P.

    Taylor, what size frame do you ride?

  5. Robin Clegg

    Average temp 11C - that's cold???

  6. Fabio Pires

    Thx 4 share! We missed the tours rides. Do you have some contract rule that make you unable to share your competition rides?

  7. Ed H.

    11 degrees is practically tropical at this time of year!

  8. Sam B.

    Good Luck this Weekend!

  9. Pedrenyal :.

    Finally the North campaign start this weekend!! Good luck! @Robin Clegg you must consider the humidity.

  10. Anthony Smith

    Pennsylvania is 15 degrees colder and windier. Getting ready to go out... I'm an idiot Cat 4 rider. Go get 'em Taylor!!

  11. Brendan Lee

    You grew up in Boulder and now 51 degrees is cold for you? Living in Tuscany has made you soft ;)

  12. Jeroen M.

    KOM on the Taaienberg? Wait untill Greg VA uploads his data! http://littlehillsandcobbles.tumblr.com/post/43649473568/via-van-avermaet-verkent-de-omloop-het-nieuwsblad

  13. Tag1234.Co.Uk K.

    it is cold here...

  14. Frans V.

    There must be something wrong with the thermometer of his Garmin. It was freezing all morning in Flanders.

  15. Brian M.

    At 11 am this morning in Gent it was 0 deg Celsius with wind chill of -6. Wind was 28 kph from the east. Not exactly tropical!

  16. Nathan T.

    Omloop! Good luck, will be watching live stateside with my coffee and waffles.

  17. Taylor Phinney

    Yes my people, Garmin was in back pocket... Brian Muir has some correct temperature datems for you.

  18. Hammer David

    soo good !

  19. Brian M.

    Thanks Taylor, I will be in Flanders end of next month doing the full Ronde sportive. Hopefully it will be a bit warmer by then!

  20. Hadrien C.

    Welcome in the cold belgium Taylor!!!

  21. Mark Hubbard

    You won't be cold win you're winning spring classics!

  22. Jay B.

    not as cold as colorado

  23. Craig Lewis

    Was going to leave a comment on being cold, but I think enough has been said.

  24. Brendon O

    haha ^

  25. Rob Bingham

    Time to rock those classics! Help bring American cycling back!

  26. Frank Wold

    Do some lobbying to get Thor on strava! Please?

  27. Valeriano Z.

    Vai Taylor!

  28. Strava A.

    Great interview at Peloton Magazine, Taylor. Brazil is cheering for you at the Classics! I enjoyed the family stuff a lot in the interview.

  29. Roger L.

    Cold I don´t think so - 9 C below zero at my home

  30. Martin B.

    yep and the weather doesn't look good for Saturday and Sunday!! Good luck

  31. Neal Henderson

    Looks a little warmer than Boulder...get after it tomorrow!

  32. Berm R.

    Nice KOM on Taaienberg. Over a 1,000 different riders.

  33. Brendon O


  34. OLIVE .

    Damn Taylor! Let me finish my training and i'll get that KOM before the RONDE!

  35. Alex T

    I watch cycling a lot . I`m a new follower .

  36. Alex T

    I also ride . But i bet you know that .

  37. Stan K.

    we all would like to see your power data.thanks

  38. Andre J.

    KOM on Taa wow!

  39. Guillaume C.

    et ho !! le challenge qui porte ton nom ???