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Jeffrey Friedl

Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
  • 94
    Activities in 2018
  • 3,538.7
    kilometers Ridden in 2018
  • 214

Getting Back into Shape with an Endurance-Training Fast Loop Around Biwako; It's Not Hard, Just Long

Ride October 22, 2015
  • 203.1km
  • 862m
  • 6:52:30
    Moving Time
  • 4,822
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  1. Henry Foster
    Henry Foster

    Stupendous ride, Jeffrey! I was not mistaken about your newfound superpowers.

  2. Andy Pants
    Andy Pants

    Yeah. Henry is right. You are a real powerhouse dude. Your wattage is high, average speed is high, and your endurance is amazing.

  3. Nigel Randell
    Nigel Randell

    Awesome effort! But you missed the best bit along 512 at the top of the lake

  4. Henry Foster
    Henry Foster

    Nigel is right. Was that intentional?

  5. Jeffrey Friedl
    Jeffrey Friedl

    Yes, it was intentional... yesterday's run was all about getting around start-to-finish in the shortest clock time (which for me ended up being 6h 10m). Wasn't paying attention to the scenery... didn't bring my camera on purpose. Took every tunnel. Anyway, the 512 is one way the wrong way and it's pretty aggressively posted, along the lines of "even bicycles will get a red ticket!". I did it once with Gorm and Kumiko and the worry about getting a ticket made it unfun.

  6. Henry Foster
    Henry Foster

    Ah, right. Didn't notice you were going counter-clockwise. You should try the other way around. It may depend on the time of day or season, but I've heard the winds are friendlier in the clockwise direction.

  7. Nigel Randell
    Nigel Randell

    Yes, clockwise better generally for speed. Firstly because the winds are lighter in the morning, and secondly, if you get a northerly, which is quite likely, you'll fly home!

  8. Jeffrey Friedl
    Jeffrey Friedl

    "Northerly", meaning from the North to the South? Wouldn't have helped yesterday because the winds were pretty much west-to-east (for the 1km before the first tunnel toward the north-east, the wind was mostly at my back; that was the only easy time). A clockwise route would indeed be much nicer because you'd get the crappy city riding out of the way early, but I had intended to stay on the path, and staying on the path makes a clockwise route troublesome because you'd have to cross the street every time you wanted to be off the path, or the path didn't exist. I'll do an on-the-road clockwise route next time.


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