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Los Altos Hills w/ Dad + Kings/Tunitas/84

  • 85.3mi
  • 6,752ft
  • 4:33:31
    Moving Time
  • 3,810
  • 143
    Suffer Score


  1. Roy Alex #.
    Roy Alex #.

    More sunnny then here!

  2. Christian H.
    Christian H.

    What's the weather like down there?

  3. Colin D.
    Colin D.

    It's beautiful! Highs of 13-14, clear blue skies. Starts out chillier in the mornings (5 or less), but warms up fast

  4. Jason K.
    Jason K.

    Colin, how long you in the Bay Area, gonna get a race or two in?

  5. Colin D.
    Colin D.

    Jason, I'm leaving early tomorrow morning. Wanted to make the most of my 5 sunny days, so no racing, just a big training block! Races in BC start next weekend, then I'll be back here ready to shred in May

  6. Jason K.
    Jason K.

    for shiz, totally understand. Looking forward to it, keep up the great training and tear up them races up in BC!