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22/02/2013 Culburra Beach, NSW, Australia

  • 169.4km
  • 1,252m
  • 7:01:37
    Moving Time
  • 3,598
  • 338
    Relative Effort


  1. Strava A.

    Kudos for the freckles. Was a fav as kid - 20c mixed bag of lollies! #nom

  2. Rusty D.

    Nice long ride mate

  3. Greg L.

    Well done mate. Shitty day for it.

  4. Duke6amer ..

    BTW they could have given you proper plate with those freckles. :P

  5. Thomas Pringle

    Why can I only give Kudos once??

  6. norbs (Todd Norbury)

    Nick, always get a giggle if a few of us get them. "Can I eat your freckle?" :)
    Thanks Aides.
    It wasn't the best day Lewy. Easterly coming home hurt.
    Thanks Duke.
    Thanks Tom.

  7. Rusty D.

    I think you picked one of the better days to do it, looking outside today...

  8. Shane Black

    Huge effort norbs, well done!

  9. Ben Hughes

    Have they tarred Forest Rd, or are you just particularly ballsy?

  10. norbs (Todd Norbury)

    Ben, it has been tarred for 6 or more years now. :)

  11. Ben Hughes

    Handy! :) Been a long time since I drove it

  12. Orna M.

    OMG, Norbs, what is wrong with you. This is an Obsession, I found this on a Link on BNA