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Wet, cold, and slippery day in the mountains... It's only water, right?

  • 87.3mi
  • 10,240ft
  • 5:30:35
    Moving Time


  1. Duane Gran

    Damn! You are getting all "hampsten" on us here riding Italian mountains in the snow.

  2. Almeida J.

    how cold was?...

  3. Olof Tiger

    well done

  4. Daniel BanPhe Courvoisier

    thanks for the friendship - greetings from Thailand

  5. R. Michael Smith

    Incredible riding you are doing!

  6. Jim Halpin - Mariner Cycling

    Nice string of KOM's!

  7. Chuck A.

    Nice riding !!

  8. Tony B.

    good job, l'm in southeast Ma. Last year I had about 400 miles at this time. This year maybe 50. Snow, snow, snow. and I cant stand the trainer :(

  9. Nick Wynants

    Nice roads to train.. I always ride them when i'm there. Like the climb to Boveglio :)