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Rico Mundy

Simi Valley, California
  • 10
    Activities in 2019
  • 458.1
    miles Ridden in 2019
  • 68

Best of the Bay (BOB) Double Century test ride (and first DC for Moots)

Ride October 24, 2015
  • 200.9mi
  • 15,020ft
  • 12:34:40
    Moving Time
  • 7,339
  • 500
    Relative Effort
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  1. Cal Erdman
    Cal Erdman

    Great ride there. I heard about it but could not join. Was there a big turnout? Not sure I like that route however, I'm not a big fan of out and backs when putting in 200 miles.

  2. Lance H.
    Lance H.

    How was the moots?

  3. Rico Mundy
    Rico Mundy

    Hey Cal, about 20 of us showed up for the test ride which was limited to 25. I used to not be a fan of out & back, but 8 Pass Challenge and others modified my mindset. What's the worst about the route is the amount of urban miles with stoplights and traffic etc. Reminds me of SoCal doubles like Mulholland and Grand Tour. Not my cup of tea. But we are spoiled with all the rural miles of doubles here in NorCal. The food and volunteer support was awesome. By the finish line the volunteers knew my name and that I am vegetarian and so offered the veggie post-ride meal which was fantastic. Also nice to climb Diablo for the first time in daylight and enjoy all the vistas I never saw before.

  4. Rico Mundy
    Rico Mundy

    Lance, the Moots is great. I was comfortable on it all day and felt strong. It's nice to know too that I could take it on a off-road dirt/gravel double and enjoy it just as much.


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