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Mountain Crushing

  • 55.3mi
  • 7,831ft
  • 4:28:34
    Moving Time
  • 3,386
  • 272
    Suffer Score


  1. Steve F.

    you crushed every trail out there

  2. Andrio Abero

    Thanks! The funny thing is I wasn't trying to crush. I set out with the plan of just tempo spinning my way to the top and back. I did get on the struggle bus towards the end. Plus the weather fluctuated from really cold to really hot, back and forth. Wore the wrong clothes. Great day for a ride, though.

  3. Chris W.

    Andrio keep this up and you're going to have to confess on Oprah! Way to crush it out there. Leadville or bust.

  4. Steve F.

    crushing without meaning to....you're just too fast

  5. j Mac60


  6. Andrio Abero

    Did y'all see Giles inspiring 100 mile, 14k of climbing monster ride today? It's insane. Puts my ride to shame.

  7. \M/ .

    Nice, Andrio! Flying. Let's get a good crew together for one of these epics some time soon.

  8. Andrio Abero

    Ben, most certainly. I'm out there almost every weekend. Would love to explore north of East Peak.