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CX - Round 3: Island Wheelers CC, DNF.

  • 8.2km
  • 102m
  • 40:23
    Moving Time
  • 191
  • 34
    Suffer Score


  1. Tony M.
    Tony M.

    I hear you acquired a bollocking calf too

  2. Barrack O.
    Barrack O.

    I did indeed… probably happened on the bloody running section!

  3. Declan O.
    Declan O.

    Dick season is over. It's calf season. Thank god it's not turkey season.... Yet
    Turkey rustlers will be out soon tho

  4. Declan O.
    Declan O.

    Sorry not dick. Duck

  5. Paul G.
    Paul G.

    I hope that was duck season u were referring to.

  6. Barrack O.
    Barrack O.

    Dickhead season :(

  7. Declan O.
    Declan O.

    Head u mean duck too bob

  8. Declan O.
    Declan O.

    Did I mean. I think I have race brain or my thumb has swollen

  9. Barrack O.
    Barrack O.

    Race thumb and your brain is swollen.

  10. Declan O.
    Declan O.

    I need hooked up to the diagnostic machine. There's all sorts of lights flashing on the dash here