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28/02/2013 Holme Moss & Snake Pass with Russ

  • 139.5km
  • 2,429m
  • 4:52:59
    Moving Time
  • 3,529
  • 136
    Relative Effort


  1. Lee P.

    Holy moly some serious achievements there!
    Good ride!

  2. Stewart S.

    Has your heart rate strap broke again?? Wish I could keep mine that low!! Lol. :)

  3. Mark D.

    king of the moss most impressive....im having that decent one though!!! well when i get mi ass up the big hill that is... ;-)

  4. Strava A.

    nice riding dean downing. @stewart i've noticed most pros have lower heart rates than the average club rider, it must be genetics.

  5. Lee P.

    Andy do you think it's genetics and a seriously well trained engine?

  6. Strava A.

    yes its both plus other stuff. maybe dean could let us in on a few secrets? ;)

  7. Lee P.

    I will second that!!
    Do you guys stick to traditional base LSD in winter or keep intensity up through winter??

  8. Steve H.

    Yeah, Holme Moss back with a local!!!!

  9. Dean Downing ®

    no secrets guys i have never had a high max HR, when 18 it was around 185, i work on 175 nowadays. probably lower than that really as i haven't done a max test for a while either.

  10. Lee P.

    My max is 200 and work on threshold of 183 but still seem to ave 157 to 161 on hardish ride, need more training methinks!!

  11. Laura M.

    Damn! Mines like 211! :/ that looks like an awesome ride Dean, lucky! Wish I still lived north like.

  12. Lee P.

    211 !!! Heart of a small mammal!! :-0

  13. Sean Bickerdike

    Ekky thump! Nice ride boys.

  14. Strava A.

    Mine is around 183 ish but rarely get to it. Resting HR of 45.

  15. Ray "Pork Pie" F.

    King o' the Moss deserves a bit of a mention Deano, crack on lad!

  16. Dane W.

    Perfect day for it lads, came over there in the car at that time and it was stunning!

  17. Laura M.

    Exactly Lee hahaha, love it.

  18. Simon T.

    I shall be doing a similar route this weekend.....considerably slower though. Holme Moss scares me!