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Strade Bianche reco

  • 50.9km
  • 912m
  • 1:52:19
    Moving Time


  1. Dane R.

    Hey Taylor, do you know if you're going to be the rider that BMC will be working for the Roubaix this year?

  2. Scott Hawxhurst

    must be a dream to train over there....

  3. Principal Skinner

    good luck phinney!

  4. Fabio Pires

    Why not upload yesterday ride? Contract?

  5. Charles I.

    go Taylor, è l'uomo

  6. Marco P.


  7. marco giusto

    In bocca al lupo

  8. Frans V.

    Please help Greg win this one, thanks ! :)

  9. paul redfern

    Lordy !!!

  10. Bas S.

    not sure about your strava art yet... good luck on L'EROICA!

  11. Rutger Teunissen

    Good luck and say hello to Lars Boom!

  12. Jj D.

    Stole some of my placings! :)

  13. Steven S.

    Good luck Saturday!

  14. Matt Carden


  15. Chip H.

    @Dan..it's comments like yours that would make the Pro's take themselves off Strava et al...at least have the decency to just ignore them if you don't like them...I think it is awesome that some Pro's try and be open to the punters

  16. Victor H.

    Agree with Chips comments. Here's hoping that Taylor writes something recognising everyones well wishes.

  17. Brian M.

    Given that Taylor has already replied to my one only comment last week.....YES he does! All the best for the ride later today

  18. Joe H.

    Rip it up, Taylor!!!! Be the first American to win SB!!! We're rooting for you!!!

  19. jack backus

    Good luck tomorrow!

  20. Steven Fish

    It looks like someone stepped on your glasses. Ride well!

  21. Darren M.

    Good luck mate

  22. Luca Maria Chenet

    Taylor complimenti per il bel gesto per ricordare Casertelli, da italiano G R A Z I E!

  23. Laura Turner

    Good luck Saturday! :)

  24. Alec H.


  25. jayne duvall

    awesome. thanks for playing on strava!

  26. Taylor Phinney

    I read every single comment on here friends.

  27. Brian M.

    I watched the race yesterday. Pace looked relentless and tough course to boot! Best of luck on your next outing

  28. Raf Dom Leon @ Volaractive

    Wish you the best man!!!

  29. paul redfern

    Good good cos I think you have a few people who believe that you're nothing short of incredible
    Bravo !!!

  30. Matthew Kutilek

    Which is why I am a fan!

  31. Nic N.

    Ha ha. Great work Taylor !!

  32. Bart Rijpma

    Good to see that someone is still riding those roads!

  33. Tom Dillon

    Any plans to share Tirreno-Adriatico stages on Strava? It would be very cool to pair your data with race video (e.g., like this with Simon Gerrans data from Milan San Remo: http://suffervision.appspot.com/v/305001)

  34. Alberto S.

    Tirreno Adriatico: i was there, i saw your sufference along the stage, you where a brave in the storm. I'm sure you have teached everybody what sacrifice and willpower mean. Unlucky today, sure better in the future

  35. Stephen Brown

    Way to suffer Taylor, you are now my favorite rider. It's good to see you are still riding Jan!

  36. Stephen Brown

    Way to suffer Taylor, you are now my favorite rider. It's good to see you are still riding Jan!

  37. Corrado Salvemini

    Bellissime le parole di Davide Cassani, esprimono tutto il coraggio e l'impegno che Taylor ha dimostrato in corsa. Essere ultimi a volte è come arrivare per primi. Un esempio. Auguri per i prossimi impegni dove sicuramente potrà esprimersi al meglio.

  38. Stefano G.

    si bravo taylor un esempio per lo sport, grazie

  39. Anna N.

    L'umiltà dei grandi.... grande Taylor

  40. Stash H.

    Amazing bravery this Monday. HUGE heart and indomitable spirit.

  41. chris kelly

    You are an inspiration, way to gut it out, and stay strong.

  42. Simon O.

    If I ever grow up I want to be like Taylor :)

  43. jayne duvall

    amazing wsj article....you have so much integrity...

  44. Jay Young

    Huge respect for your grit and grace.

  45. John McNamara

    Taylor- read the story about your last ride yesterday in the Wall Street Journal. Awesome- I started in this sport watching your dad, Greg LeMond and Eric Heiden. You and your fellow young Americans are doing a great job re-telling the American Cycling story.

  46. Peter Herrick

    Taylor, really inspiring story in the WSJ. Keep up the amazing work!

  47. Peter Herrick

    Taylor, really inspiring story in the WSJ. Keep up the amazing work!

  48. Chris Burrill

    Just read the amazing and inspirational story about you finishing and "winning" Tirrento-Adriatico; awesome; we are proud of you back here In the states!