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Merco Classic Road Race E4 - 1st!

  • 46.6mi
  • 1,541ft
  • 1:57:52
    Moving Time
  • 1,579


  1. Mark K.
    Mark K.

    Victory kudos

  2. Nick Kreeger

    Short race report:

    Bridged to a break of about 4-5 riders with 3 others. Dropped the group and had 1 junior bridge to me. He pleaded he was "dying" and gave a couple of pulls. I basically solo'd the last 10-12 miles (30 min effort ~310 watts) for the victory. Great work from the team to hold off the peloton.

  3. Chris Furgiuele

    Awesome! Solo break extra kudos.

  4. James E.
    James E.

    Awesome!!! Podium shot was awesome.

  5. Derek Crovo


  6. Brian Schuster

    Fantastic! About time. So, was this your last E4 race?

  7. Thailer Moses

    It was impressive. Perfectly timed, perfectly executed. Hell of a ride and hell of a gentleman with the burgers after the race!

  8. Keith Buckingham

    Woohoo! - Congrats. Now I don't feel so bad not being able to keep up with you. Great power distribution table btw.

  9. Brian R.
    Brian R.

    that rocks!

  10. Nick Kreeger

    @Brian I think I'll race another one or two to help the team out. But I've got my points to cat-up now.

  11. Kyle Y.
    Kyle Y.

    Bad ass, Nick! Thats a perfect way to exit the 4s. Congrats.

  12. Mike Betts

    Congrats man. You are a boss!

  13. Aylwin Villanueva

    Just saw your Instagram photo...didn't recognize him at first, but the guy who placed 2nd to you was my old teammate. :)

  14. Alex R.
    Alex R.

    310 watts for 30 mins! Nice time trialing!

  15. Chuck Edwall

    Just found your Strava ride, Nick. Killer job out there! I was 2nd to you. Kickass race, and rock up the 3s!