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So that is what a marathon is like

  • 26.3mi
  • 3:53:23
    Moving Time
  • 8:51/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 4,159


  1. Linda V.

    Great job!!

  2. Pawel Nazarewicz


  3. Trevor Stewart

    So proud of you

  4. Sean Raines

    Backatcha brother! Freaking beast mode!

  5. Donna Riley

    Nicely done!

  6. Sean Raines

    Thanks everyone. Feels good!

  7. Tommy Nunley

    Great job!

  8. Brett Sherfy

    I love that you just ran this! Awesome work!

  9. Sean Raines

    Thanks! It felt pretty good.

  10. Chris Webb

    Just wait until you have to go down some steps, that is the best....

  11. Ginger S.

    Way to go, Mao Mao!

  12. Kevin Artzner

    That is so cool man. Congrats!

  13. Jordan C.

    Fried guts and all! Congrats on a great first marathon!!!!!

  14. Sean Raines

    Chris steps are....interesting. Thanks Ginger! So glad you were there for it! It's hard to believe isn't it Kevin? Thanks! Now I know what to call the feeling hahaha. Jordan the pizza and Powerade was clutch in getting me back on my feet. It was awesome to have you there!