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Brother's birthday today, a new report says it'll be a banner maple syrup season in NH, AND we take the yellow jersey at Paris-Nice?! Wow

  • 126.8mi
  • 5,556ft
  • 5:54:01
    Moving Time
  • 3,365


  1. Laurence C.

    And you rode to the "France" label today - nice!

  2. Tom Dillon

    Congrats on the jersey!!

  3. Pete L.

    Looked good out there today, Edward.

  4. Scott Hawxhurst

    wicked good news!

  5. Dave M.

    Have a friend who's boiling as we speak. Wicked run today. Grade AA coming right up.

  6. Josh K.

    Congrats! Been watching you guys and your kicking ass out there man!

  7. Charlie A.


  8. jayne duvall

    nice work! you guys have a great team....

  9. Brad N.

    42% of your time at 0w, Ted you make it look effortless

  10. Don Cundiff

    Great work. May you keep yellow. Hope Nacer Bouhanni is ok after that nasty face plant! :(

  11. Parmender D.

    Great work!!! If there wouldn't have been chaos in the end you guys would have won the stage as well.

  12. Ted King

    @Dave M, do you export?

  13. Dave M.

    Might be able to arrange something :-) Great job in P-N! Best in today's stage!