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Stone Mill 50M

  • 50.4mi
  • 2,895ft
  • 9:47:20
    Moving Time
  • 12:20/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 6,031


  1. David F.
    David Fink

    Nice work!

  2. Esther W.
    Esther W.


  3. Daniel Z.
    Daniel Z.

    Great accomplishment!

  4. Taylor M.
    Taylor Maltz

    Awesome, nice work!

  5. Megan S.
  6. Dan F.
    Dan F.

    I'm probably the only one with sub 50mi. :( Congrats on the race! Glad you were able to push through.

  7. Charlie P.
    Charlie Potts

    RIP Knee

  8. Livia M.
    Livia M.

    So inspiring!

  9. Brad M.
    Brad M.

    Well done! Looked for you at the finish, but must have just missed you.

  10. Aucy A.
    Aucy Araujo

    Uauuu.... Nice work. Fantastic. Very very good. Ironwoman??? Congratulations

  11. Amanda H.
    Amanda H.

    I looked for you too Brad! Nice job out there!

  12. Amanda H.
    Amanda H.

    Dan, I took a wrong turn. Probably would have been slightly under 50 if I hadn't gone off the course by the lake.

  13. Jd ⏰.
    Jd ⏰.

    Nice work Amanda! Very strong!

  14. Erik P.
    Erik Price

    "Fall down 5 time, get up 6" :)

  15. Amanda H.
    Amanda H.

    Totally, Erik. Just wish the worst fall would've been later in the race!

  16. Adam L.
    Adam Lesser


  17. James F.
    James F.

    Great job finishing. You were looking a little rough at Riffleford, awesome job powering through to the finish!!

  18. Eric L.
    Eric L.

    Ice that knee! Congratulations.

  19. Amanda H.
    Amanda H.

    James, I was so out of it I didn't even know you were there. Oof. Rough day.

  20. Cornelius (Corrie) L.
  21. James F.
    James F.

    Amanda, that's ultrarunning for you. Great job!

  22. Jon D.
    Jon D

    I notice u don't have a water bottle in those pics. Did you just rely on aid stations?

  23. Jon D.
    Jon D

    Duh. I see it now. Good run!

  24. Amanda H.
    Amanda H.

    I carried a handheld bottle. I think it's in the photos. It never was empty.

  25. Vittoria C.
    Vittoria C.

    Wowwww! !!!!

  26. Jared M.
    Jared McDonald

    Holy crap that's a long way.

  27. Miguel   D.
    Miguel D.

    Congrats! ^_^