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Non-stop, not Cool ninjas

  • 11.7mi
  • 2,164ft
  • 1:40:14
    Moving Time
  • 8:34/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,578


  1. Larissa Rivers

    sorry we missed it this morning. we both really needed to sleep and non-stop ninja is not something I can handle right now!!

  2. Devon Yanko

    I was missing you. Greg, Alex and Andrew started the initial climb at sprint speed. I would have loved more stopping and social. Glad you got your rest! You deserve it.

  3. mary churchill

    Oh man!! No stops!! That's the best part of the ninja runs!! Looks like a fast one. Larissa glad you slept in! You are a machine!!

  4. Andrew L.

    Well I stopped or at least bailed... When I took an epic tumble coming down Coastal toward Bunker near the last turn and gashed my hands and left knee. After I bailed, and took a closer look- decent cut on my knee. Sorry to hear that Greg kept on hammering.

  5. Devon Yanko

    Sorry you took such a tumble Andrew. You join the ranks of ninjas that have been "snippered" on the run.