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Well that was less than easy. Stage 4, Paris-Nice, yo

  • 127.3mi
  • 10,064ft
  • 5:31:15
    Moving Time
  • 4,047


  1. Nanard le motard

    You take my kom's on tence - St. Bonnet ;-))
    Good luck for Paris - Nice and good job today !!!!!

  2. smooth brown bear

    Did you even get any KOM's

  3. lee dorney

    59% Intensity - is that it ??? only joking Ted you must be f@cked !

  4. Tom Dillon

    Weird .. your power data seems to drop in and out .. even on some steady climbs. Time for a shiny new Garmin?

  5. JmK _

    13 Koms you guys are amazing

  6. Josh K.
    Josh K.

    Epic job!!

  7. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    how the hell can you guys recover to race the next day? unbelievable!!

  8. Bruce Rychlik

    You could see it on your face plain as day.

  9. Ted King

    And excellent question @Andy Daley. I'll go write a blog about it.

  10. Ted King

    And excellent question @Andy Daley. I'll go write a blog about it. That is, go visit iamtedking.com in the coming day(s) and I'll fill you in.

  11. Craig Lewis

    What happened on the Sizeranne? Nice riding!

  12. Jim Braam

    I think you might have broke Stava with all those KOM's. Save some for the rest of us..... Jeeesssh...

  13. Rodrigo R.
    Rodrigo R.

    Hail the king!

  14. Ted King

    Boom, there you go. Bedtime in France http://www.iamtedking.com/2013/03/hint-shower-food-massage-stretch-food-sleep-rest-repeat/

  15. JP Bolle

    Awesome post Ted. Hope to see you upfront tomorrow after a great night of rest and that pasta breakfast you seem so siked about.

  16. Josh K.
    Josh K.

    Nice entry Ted!! Good luck tomorrow! Give them hell!!

  17. Bryan Boyhan

    Thanks for the recovery blog! Always wondered about that.

  18. Patrick Cushing

    Seemed much better than yesterday's slogfest!

  19. Geoff L.
    Geoff L.

    Thanks for posting that. Tailwinds and keep the rubber side down!

  20. Filipe Oliveira

    Do you have to train to be able to chug away all that food? Is it a natural skill or something you acquire through hard, strenuous, repetitions?
    Thanks for the insight, I understand that after a tough stage you must be starving, but the amount of food available is impressive nonetheless.

  21. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Great blog on recovery Ted, very interesting to read. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Rogier "Dutch" G.
    Rogier "Dutch" G.

    Thanks for the inside look at your recovery and food options! Now go ride your bike!

  23. George S.
    George S.

    Nice work Ted! Very cool to view this on Strava...one can dream!!

  24. jayne duvall

    thanks ted!

  25. Jason H.
    Jason H.

    Helluva ride!

  26. Ken H.
    Ken H.

    Ted - thank you for sharing your data on Strava and the blog post. This is the future of sport - following our favorite athletes - and dreaming of riding the same routes.

  27. Peter Herrick

    Really fantastic post! Thanks for giving us a look behind the scenes.

  28. Tad Nakano


  29. Peter Nachand

    @ted, thanks for the post. There is a method to the madness to get ready for the next work day. B safe...

  30. Pedrenyal :.
    Pedrenyal :.

    Interesting, thanks Ted! One day I found an American (from the States) cyclist on the roads in Catalonia, he was drinking a Coca-Cola and wanted some indications, after a short talk he told me that here in Europe the Coca-Cola it's better than the Coke in the States. Somebody thinks the same? For the next post it'll be interesting (at least for me) the differences between the food in the States and Europe/Italy/France/Spain.

  31. Jason ".
    Jason ".

    Geezer...was going to read your blog and my chrome browser is saying its infected with malware. Just so you know!

  32. Aaron Miller

    Great work. Twice the distance of the king challenge ride. I guess you're ready. See you in October.

  33. Brian L.
    Brian L.

    @Pedrenyal - Coke in the US contains High Fructose Corn Syrup, where they use Sugar in most other countries (including Mexico, oddly enough). I'd second seeing a blog entry about the differences in Food between the continents (since TK's been on 3 so far this year, I don't want to just say Europe and the US).

    I'd also vote for StarBucks sending TK a case of VIA along with other swag.

  34. Nick Strehle

    Google has listed your www.iamtedking.com site as "This site may harm your computer." Fyi get your people on this.

  35. Mark Oertel

    Thanks Ted great insights. Can you put maple syrup and butter on pasta? Hmmm?

  36. Peter Nachand

    What is ted's bib number ?

  37. Pedrenyal :.
    Pedrenyal :.

    Thanks @Brian Lube, an interesting post! @Peter Nachand it's 205.

  38. Christian B.
    Christian B.

    You is hard core mr! Send us a high five make my day to make your day buddy! and keep up the hard work .

  39. Aaron McCormack

    Hi Ted Nick Strehle is right - google is trying to blacklist the site for malware - it only happens when people browse in Firefox. Best let your IT friends know. Chapeau on the riding this week.

  40. Peter S.
    Peter S.

    Happens with Google Chrome too. Keep up the good work, Ted! Thanks for posting.

  41. Jennifer Pearsall Kobert

    WOW - nice work out there!

  42. Boris Cid

    hay, did you record stage 5, I wanted to see that last climb...

  43. Ted King

    Someone hacked my site. So for now sit tight as we sort through it. I honestly don't think there is anything dangerous going on - rumor is that it's just been flagged. Anyway, patience Grasshopper, and stay tuned...