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"I didn't see you!"

  • 10.4km
  • 45m
  • 26:50
    Moving Time
  • 206


  1. Scott S.

    I hope you're OK Pete! It's always the first thing they say. From my experience it helps to look around in order to see cyclists!

  2. James Dane

    :-( Standard excuse from the average road user these days, sadly. I've had the same from car, motorbike, bus, lorry and cyclist in the last few months, although thankfully without the blood loss.

  3. Kara Thrace (RCC 3008)

    They pulled a SMIDSY?

  4. Kara Thrace (RCC 3008)

    Sorry|Shit Mate I Didn't See You. Arseholes!

  5. Roger L

    Ouch. Still managed to finish the ride.

  6. Chris W.

    Sorry to learn your news, Pete. Look after yourself and take it easy, it can take a while to sink in

  7. James Dane

    I think I've spotted the problem though - it's not the yellow top; it's that red & black thing in the background... I've heard those things are like an invisibility cloak...

  8. Pete J 🌳 A1001388

    Thanks all for the concern. A little grazed. A little bruised. No damage to the red & black invisibility cloak, thankfully. Will see how I feel in the morning, but I reckon I got away very lightly indeed. Ford Focus driver should be a little more careful after that experience!

  9. Steve Johns

    :-( hope you got the plate details

  10. Dan Haynes

    Liking it doesn't seem appropriate. Heal quick

  11. Maegan K.


  12. Rob Phelps

    Totally see the drivers point - You're practically invisible in that fluorescent yellow jersey!!! Take it easy for a day or two matey.