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Back where it all started

  • 52.7mi
  • 4,098ft
  • 4:05:30
    Moving Time
  • 2,876
  • 98
    Relative Effort


  1. Derek Russey

    Looks fun ! Hitting them all in one month.

  2. Craig Kunz

    Wish I was on Spring Break.

  3. David H.

    Flat ROCK Ranch buddy

  4. Payson McElveen

    2013 base/endurance day ~10 minutes faster than 2011 marathon race. Cool.

  5. David H.

    I hate to bust your bubble but...
    The strava segment "full upper loop" doesn't include the start loop which IS included in the marathon race. So your laps were really: 1:18:32 (lower) + 56:28 (upper) + 1:06:19 (lower) + 44:51 (upper with no start or finish) + 11:20 (start and finish) = 4:17:30. Don't know what race your are refering to, but the last time you raced it (2009) you did 4:03:25. TUhl did 3:46:25 in 2011 and Evan Plews did 3:44:10 this year.

  6. Payson McElveen

    Haha, okay Mr. rocket scientist. Aside from the dirt road/grass field riding start to upper loop #2, and the extra minute to go through the gate and drop back down to start/finish at the end, this was the full marathon race/distance. I easily spent 8-10 minutes spinning around the car before and after, and riding back up to it from the bottom to refuel between each loop. So yeah, add 6-7 minutes for that last upper loop, but I think that's about it. Oh and I'm there in 2011 results in 6th.

  7. Payson McElveen

    And was the newer slow rock-crawler ridge section part of the race in early 2011? I think we may have just cut straight across the top back then.

  8. David H.

    Sorry, I already subtracted your refueling time at the car for you. No more breaks there. I think your right about the rock section though, and I forgot you were there in 2011 (we both cramped that year now that I remember). In case you can't tell, I'm jealous of all your riding. :)

  9. Payson McElveen

    Oh. Then how was total ride time only 4:05?? This is confusing.

  10. David H.

    That's the total moving time. Total time with stops is more.

  11. Payson McElveen

    Hm, guess I don't see how that backs up your math, but I'm gonna bow out on this one. It's been fun.

  12. David H.

    Not as much fun as riding. Next time, I'll just give kudos and forget the timing. I just needed something to do being bored at work.

  13. Payson McElveen

    Haha no worries