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Graham Peck

Baltimore, MD
  • 43
  • 125.7
    miles Run
  • 186

JFK 50 Mile

Run November 21, 2015
  • 50.5mi
  • 2,703ft
  • 5:48:40
    Moving Time
  • 6:54/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 7,496
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  1. Christina X.

    Wow Graham!! I was looking at your splits. You were as strong at the end as in the beginning. Great job!! :D

  2. meg mcnew

    Holy f*ck.

  3. Wookie K.

    Holy fuck.

  4. Terrence Decker

    Dude awesome job

  5. Erik O.


  6. Nicholas Klastava

    So many laps on the lap counter!

  7. Chris Beck

    The King Midas of running. Awesome job Graham. Guess there is still the 100 mile distance for you to crush as well.

  8. Rob Bond

    Great race! Nice to meet you this weekend and a well deserved congrats!

  9. Graham Peck

    Thanks everyone!
    Chris - Not anytime soon! Someday though, yes.
    Rob - You too man. You really kicked ass right through to the end. Good shit!

  10. Gabriel R.

    Graham, was talking to legend Howard Nippert.. he says he mentioned to you the Mad Cow 100K.. . I second that thought. You are such an aerobic beast, right in your wheelhouse. I believe you can make the US Team. Recover well.

  11. Graham Peck

    Gabe - Honored that you actually mentioned my name to Howard Nippert! Is Mad City 100k the host for the 2016 USATF 100k championships?
    I'm probably suited well for that kind of race and it's definitely on the list to train for a race like that in the future but I was planning to stick to shorter stuff (half marathon and under) in the spring.