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Zwift ;)

  • 517.2km
  • 3,467m
  • 22:52:02
    Moving Time
  • 9,598


  1. Leigh R.

    Nice rider.

  2. Kenn Jordan | RDCC

    Great ride Martian, I hope your knee held up.

  3. Danny J.

    Great ride! There's a little ferry that goes from Poole to Studlands. The run along the coast to Durdle door past Corfe castle is stunning.

  4. Chris B.

    Top class am in awe yet again!!!

  5. J P.


  6. 🇬🇧Nick🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 P.

    Is that a single ride or done over a couple of days

  7. Răzvan 🐧 D.

    Martian, Matian, Martian(ule).... You realize it doesn't count towards November Gran Fondo, don't you?
    On a second thought ... I think you did it on purpose just to go out for another 100+km ride this month... :)

  8. Lee Pearce (ACC)

    Amazing - 2 x New Forest and a tail wind to Brighton?

  9. Peter Brizzy B.


  10. Simon Chappell

    Pretty impressive, if fact given the time of year, absolutely impressive ride Martian. Kudos Sir..

  11. Paul Buckley

    Dude, that's awesome!

  12. Ghost Rider. (.

    Man... Ur the best. I take it that ur knee was ok?:-)

  13. john olerenshaw

    Graet ride that's the way to spend the weekend !! knee ok?

  14. Nick Rôbin 🚴🏼

    nice one martian

  15. Paul M.

    Top ride that Martian, well done.

  16. Ugo Messina

    Love the name LOL I will never get used to this crazy amazing rides of yours! Top ride.

  17. Michelle S.

    great snaps! beautiful

  18. Martian Cioana

    Thank you very much for all these beautiful and encouraging comments... my knee still damn hurts like hell, but i`ve discovered if i go slow, the pain is supportable ;) of course with the help of some nurofens... more than half of this ride was done under 0 degrees, and i just realised i need new gloves and new cover shoes (Santa, are you there ? can you send them a bit earlier, i need them for Rapha Festive ;P)... Razvan, gran fondo will be next weekend if nothing goes wrong... Sir Lee, New Forest Park is AMAZING! no tail wind though :( it was from one side, but not so strong. haha Ugo, you still owe me one, and yes everyone is "zwift"- ing on strava .... so this is my zwift ;) ... wish you all great times on your bikes.