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Sun, clouds, sun, clouds, spitting rain, sun, wind. I reckon it's spring

  • 31.4mi
  • 2,091ft
  • 2:02:20
    Moving Time
  • 1,546


  1. Janet Brode

    Sweet ride!!

  2. Harvey Kramer

    Ted...I have a trip planned to Toulouse 5/28 ...Pyrenees through June 2....and then maybe to Provence and French Alps (June 3-10)....but curious about Girona area...much closer....suggestions Alps or Catolonia...???

  3. 🐲 John Wilde

    Ha ha, great picture... he's everywhere!

  4. Peter Louton

    Great picture, I'm surprised he is not leaning into a corner as well.

  5. Pedrenyal :.
    Pedrenyal :.

    Welcome back! Here we say: Març, marçot, mata la vella a la vora del foc i a la jove si pot!
    Literally: March, kill the old lady near the fire and the young one if he can!

  6. Eric Nichols

    OMG it's Bret, the Time Traveling T-Shirt Wearing Retro Fred From the Planet Tridork!

  7. Axel Dove


  8. Niels Haars

    Hi Ted, is there a reasoning behind for not training with a heartrate monitor, or do you hide this data for us?

  9. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Power meter is all u need Niels :P hehe.

  10. Andy A.
    Andy A.

    Im guessing hidden Niels. Can't let any team directors see how effortless these rides are for Ted!

  11. Harvey Kramer

    All u need is to ride fast

  12. Ted King

    Niels, I use a Suunto heart rate monitor strap that works for my SRM but isn't picked up by the Garmin.

  13. Tommy A.
    Tommy A.

    That dude in the pic would look great on a Mavic neutral stage bike.