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Sun, clouds, sun, clouds, spitting rain, sun, wind. I reckon it's spring

  • 31.4mi
  • 2,091ft
  • 2:02:20
    Moving Time
  • 1,546


  1. Janet Brode

    Sweet ride!!

  2. Harvey Kramer

    Ted...I have a trip planned to Toulouse 5/28 ...Pyrenees through June 2....and then maybe to Provence and French Alps (June 3-10)....but curious about Girona area...much closer....suggestions Alps or Catolonia...???

  3. 🐲 John Wilde

    Ha ha, great picture... he's everywhere!

  4. Peter Louton

    Great picture, I'm surprised he is not leaning into a corner as well.

  5. Pedrenyal :.

    Welcome back! Here we say: Març, marçot, mata la vella a la vora del foc i a la jove si pot!
    Literally: March, kill the old lady near the fire and the young one if he can!

  6. Eric Nichols

    OMG it's Bret, the Time Traveling T-Shirt Wearing Retro Fred From the Planet Tridork!

  7. Axel D.


  8. Niels Haars

    Hi Ted, is there a reasoning behind for not training with a heartrate monitor, or do you hide this data for us?

  9. Strava A.

    Power meter is all u need Niels :P hehe.

  10. Andy A.

    Im guessing hidden Niels. Can't let any team directors see how effortless these rides are for Ted!

  11. Harvey Kramer

    All u need is to ride fast

  12. Ted King

    Niels, I use a Suunto heart rate monitor strap that works for my SRM but isn't picked up by the Garmin.

  13. Tommy A.

    That dude in the pic would look great on a Mavic neutral stage bike.