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In Search of the Perfect 10min hill.

  • 48.2mi
  • 1,571ft
  • 3:13:22
    Moving Time


  1. Mike G.

    Looks like you might have found a few?

  2. Amanda M.

    Colorado has several! You should visit :)

  3. Tom Edwards

    hot springs road or cherry creek in cloverdale

  4. Alison Tetrick

    Yes...but I didn't even have to wear arm warmers today!!! I found a couple of hills...but they were STEEP! Cloverdale is too far away:)

  5. Tom Edwards

    true. i work up there so it is doable after im off, but cloverdale is seriously so underrated

  6. Chad R.

    How about the perfect 10k ft climb?

  7. Alison Tetrick

    If only I could go there, Chad...