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03/14/2013 Spain

  • 59.5mi
  • 4,100ft
  • 3:23:22
    Moving Time
  • 2,544


  1. Ross Baldwin

    How do you prep the egg in the oatmeal....? Sounds gross but potentially not so gross.

  2. Ian London

    Just plop it in when the oatmeal's almost done. It's that easy.

  3. Josep S.

    Clean energy !

  4. Jim Halpin - Mariner Cycling

    Hey Ted, What did you think of stage 6 of the Tirreno-Adriatico? In particularly the 27* hill.

  5. Jeffrey Jenkins

    I thought he rode Paris Nice, not TA

  6. Jim Halpin - Mariner Cycling

    He did. I just thought he had probably seen or heard about it from his team mates and had an opinion. ;-)

  7. Ted King

    You really can't mess up oatmeal. So @Ross, you chuck all the ingredients into some boiling water, egg included. Give it a vigorous stir as the water is simmering, then either continue to stir or don't. It gives the oatmeal a deliciously custardy texture and flavor. And therefore if by "gross" you mean outstanding, then you're correct.

  8. Egor Astakhov


  9. Rob I

    Ted, I wanted your thoughts on a small biz idea providing services for pro cyclists in the area. If you have an opportunity, email me at: mr.robiff@gmail.com. Thnx

  10. Seb ..

    hi there what gps would you recommend? Garmin 500 0r 510 or any other company that does gps computers that are not too big :0 thanks

  11. David Bender

    Made the oatmeal today before riding. Money, putting it in the rotation.