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A "Ross is getting soft. MTFU and get some miles in" ride. Wasn't so bad, but now I kinda need a brew, a bath, and a hug.

  • 50.0mi
  • 594ft
  • 2:53:41
    Moving Time
  • 2,196


  1. Paul E.

    Kudos mate! Getting out in this! :-)

  2. Ross Malpass

    Cheers buddy! I've had way too much time off the bike recently so need to get those miles in whatever the weather!

  3. Andy Whiteside

    To get out in this weather you deserve those kings (and then some ! ) Ross !

  4. Phill Sharpe

    Hardest man in Lancashire.

  5. Phill Sharpe

    That I know.

  6. Phill Sharpe


  7. Ross Malpass

    Oooeeerrr Phill ;-).

    Ha! Ta Andy. A bit of a soft segment though that Goosnargh one. I had to slow every few hundred metres because of a flood there's a good few minutes to come off that by someone when it dries up a touch. Was actually nice to be out doing some almost proper miles, weather aside. I haven't really done any decent miles for months! What with training for the HC's since probably July!

  8. Phill Sharpe

    Carbons too?

  9. Phill Sharpe

    Yellow pads?

  10. Ross Malpass

    Posh pads. you know I'm too lazy to swap things around for the sake of one ride :p.

  11. Phill Sharpe

    Which are them? I honestly don't know! I know you've got carbons in exclusively but I can't remember what pads you got as I just don't think yellow pads stop you at all in the wet. I've almost worn mine out and will probably try black prince.

  12. Ross Malpass

    Black Prince. They've been really good actually. Probably due replacing now but had them in since I got those wheels, and they even did Mallorca!

  13. Phill Sharpe

    Ooh did you get them from the get go?

  14. Simon Grayston

    Impressive KOM the roads are bloody awful round there today

  15. Ross Malpass

    Yeah phill. Expensive but have been worth it in long run. Actually perform better than normal pads on alloy rims i would say.

    Yeah ta Simon. Floods all over the shop! Not exactly a hotly contested segment I think Andy had it before since 2014! Wouldn't mind having a proper go some time. It's a nice length and quite quiet roads.