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Test Out Tweaked Calf - So Far So Good

  • 8.0mi
  • 1,551ft
  • 1:10:11
    Moving Time
  • 8:43/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,316


  1. Barry Young

    I know all about those. Are you skipping Chuckanut then?

  2. Gary Robbins

    The thought pre-run today was yes but things seemed good on the run so now I'm leaving towards lining up... still time to change my mind nine times though

  3. Larissa Rivers

    awesome, best of luck and more importantly, have fun! I love that race.

  4. Gary Robbins

    Thanks Larissa! I actually hate it since it's so flat for 2/5's of it but maybe it's okay to hate a race that I'll somehow be lining up at again for the 4th time :)

  5. Gary Robbins

    What I mean is maybe I've just gotten used to saying I hate it when in fact I keep coming back on my own accord :)

  6. Andrew McDouall

    I hope you'll be able to make your race. I'm trying to work out a bum calf myself right now. Best wishes.