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Tarawera 100k Race: 03/16/2013 Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

  • 63.2mi
  • 10,827ft
  • 8:54:40
    Moving Time
  • 8:37/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 9,622


  1. Masaya K.


  2. Strava A.

    Great job Sage!

  3. Cary Savage

    Congratulations on the win - amazing run!

  4. Koichi Iwasa

    Awesome win!

  5. Robbie Pike

    Congrats on a awesome win!!!

  6. Thomas L.

    Awesome work. and what a roller coaster. Congratulations. Thanks for getting this on Strava so quickly.

  7. Jordi B.

    Congrats Sage! And it's awesome you share your races with us.

  8. Buzz B.

    Great run! Looks like you and Timothy got to know each other!

  9. Larissa Rivers

    congrats on the win!

  10. stephen o Ⓥ

    When the actual pace is 9:30 and the grade adjusted pace is 6:00, you know it's steep. Yikes. I think the best surprise about this race was Tim Olson's performance in a sub-100 miler. Only 3 minutes behind Sage is amazing!!

  11. Danny Ziebarth

    truly inspiring

  12. Tim Emslie

    Well done mate!!!

  13. Dan Gorman

    Dr. Sage - PhD in Ultramarathonology

  14. Ska R.

    Dude! . . . Nice Race!

  15. Aaron Kay


  16. Chris S.

    9,622 calories burned is hard to comprehend! Congrats Sage, epic performance.

  17. Peter D.

    very impressive

  18. Terry Miller

    Great work, Sage! Followed via iRunFar, sounds like you were killing it out there!

  19. Michael Gildea

    Great race, the course looked beautiful.

  20. Larry Roberts

    Awesome run!

  21. Steve N.

    What an absolute honor to meet you Sage and even better to see you in action tearing up the VTUM 100k here in NZ. and winning in style. Please come back again.

  22. Fimarie 2.

    You are crazy!!!

  23. Sage Canaday

    thanks for the support! very tough race for the last 20km (but also very rewarding)

  24. Travis Macy / Macy Endurance Coaching

    Hey Sage, New running/philanthropy project at www.fitforacause.com, in case you want to do something associated with your next big win.

  25. Anders Dahl

    Great win! outstanding run!