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Olot plus some

  • 103.0mi
  • 6,951ft
  • 5:26:13
    Moving Time
  • 5,688


  1. Enric C.

    Lot of wind today. Really good average speed. We crossed near the Plà de Sant Joan.

  2. Josh K.

    How's the recovery coming after Paris-Nice?

  3. Mitch A.

    Good job killer!!!

  4. Jayce Bedal

    looks fun.

  5. Chris Mason

    Right on....inspiration to see this after riding a ride today in Utah and seeing your name as KOM on some of the segments I was on.

  6. Ted King

    @Josh, all good man. Thanks for asking. Rested up some, good mix of quality training/volume/intensity this week and a half, then off to Belgium Wednesday. Time for the Classics!

  7. Josh K.

    Glad to hear it!! I can't wait for the Classics!!! Good luck!

  8. keith fitzgerald

    Sheesh that olot of riding. buh dump chssssh